European Chapter of the ACN

Purpose of the European Chapter

  • Enhance the understanding of the relationship between metabolism, diet and the initiation prevention and treatment of diseases. 
  • Promote educational programs in nutrition and metabolism. 
  • Contribute to the training of scientists, physicians and dietitians expert in nutrition and metabolism with a cultural background deriving from their formation in more than one European University. 
  • Allocate human resources in nutritional and metabolic research, allowing the exchange of scientists among University, public or private research structures and pharmaceutical or food industries.
  • Promote the exchange, for short or prolonged period of time, of personnel, mainly teachers but also students, nurses and dietitians among European Universities.
  • Reinforce the scientific collaboration among research centers involved in different areas of metabolic research, such as genetics, biochemistry, physiology, clinics, mathematics, etc. In such a way, a scientific investigation can be analysed from different perspectives to improve focus on the core of the problem.


Executive Director/General Secretary: Amalia Gastaldelli, PhD, Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR, Pisa (Italy)

President: Giuliano Ramadori, MD (Germany)

Scientific Secretary and Treasurer: Melania Manco, MD, Ospedale Bambin Gesù, Roma (Italy)

ECACN Board of Directors:  

  • A. Battezati (Italy)
  • E. Leccesi (Italy)
  • M. Fernandez-Real, Girona (Spain)
  • Andrea Mari (Italy)
  • John Nolan, Steno Institute, Copenhagen, (Denmark) 
  • A. Zorzano (Spain)
  • L. Sidossis (Greece)

Immediate Past Executive Director/General Secretary: Geltrude Mingrone, MD Catholic University, Rome, Italy

Past Presidents: 

  • Tamas Szamosi, MD, PhD University Medical School, Budapest, Hungary
  • Antonis Raftis, PhD, CNS (Cyprus)