About The College

The American College of Nutrition® (ACN), has been dedicated since 1959 to enhancing clinical nutrition. We stimulate nutrition research and publication, elevate nutrition knowledge among researchers and clinicians, and provide practical guidance on clinical nutrition

The College advances nutrition science to prevent and treat disease. We accept no funding from for-profit corporations. This policy fosters our mission and our ability to advance the science without compromise.

Additional Goals of the American College of Nutrition:
  • Provide an organization which encompasses the needs of physicians and professionals from all disciplines with a common interest in nutrition.

  • Provide a forum for interchange of views, professional and educational experiences, and research results in the general field of nutrition.

  • Encourage the incorporation of a strong clearly defined nutrition teaching module in the curriculum of all medical schools, and to promote the inclusion of nutritional education in medical post graduate training.

  • Promote educational programs at all levels, and provide advocacy support for non-M.D. nutrition professionals.