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Personalized Nutrition 2018SM 
Translate the Science of NutriGenomics into Practice
November 7-9, 2018, Seattle, WA

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Personalized Nutrition 2018SM is the forum for health practitioners, researchers and stakeholders to engage with the science and practice of personalized nutrition. 

NutriGenomics is revolutionizing the discipline of nutrition. At the nexus of systems biology, omics and nutritional biochemistry, NutriGenomic science provides deep insight into a person’s unique health trajectory, empowering clinicians to practice truly personalized nutrition.

This field is growing quickly and the practice of truly personalized nutrition hinges on a clinician's knowledge and clinical skills. To that end, this year's conference will not only highlight cutting-edge research but will also provide you practical tools to apply emerging research in clinical practice.

Educational programming includes:

  • NutriGenomics Primer - This new half day clinical primer will preceed the conference to give you a solid foundation in genomics and nutrigenomics. Whether you're new to these subjects or need a refresher, we hope you'll join us Wednesday morning to learn from clinicians about practical applications of nutrigenomic science at the point of clinical care.
  • Science & Practice Conference - This year's conference features five sessions with expert scientists and clinicians exploring various clinically-focused topics in NutriGenomics:
    • Session I: NutriGenomic Science Personalized
    • Session II: Metabolic Adaptability Personalized
    • Session III: Longevity Personalized
    • Session IV: Neurocognition Personalized
    • Session V: Gut-Immune Axis Personalized

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